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After the establishment of DSCB by Abraham in Region 5, requested transfer of assignment wherein he was transferred to Misamis Oriental, Region 10, and Mindanao that was known to be the most critical area during that period.


The presence of Abraham in Mindanao bolster the morale of his members that eventually pave the way for the massive recruitment of new members for the Diablo Squad Crime Buster (DSCB).


Welcomed by the DSCB in Cagayan De Oro and immediately reported to Regional Director Command 10 wherein he requested assignment to the Regional Special Action Force. However it was disapproved and instead Abraham was assigned as PCR NCO of Regional Community Relations Information Group.


In the year 1983 up to 1984 the group grew to an unaccountable size of almost 30,000 members from different major services in the Military. It was later unceremoniously exposed bt the media as threat to the AFP for being an Army within the Army. Different adverse media exposures were written without even knowing first what the organization was. In some newspaper and tabloids, many editorials portrayed hostile, repugnant and antagonistic stories about the organization portraying it as EL DIABLO in its lateral meaning They failed to see the beauty that the DSCB had done to the Military that of uniting it as one.


As a result of the unfriendly media exposures the government of Marcos and Gen. Ver were alarmed over the growing strength of the group as it was publicly announced. They immediately ordered for it to disband despite of its being a legitimate organization having been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The brotherhood became the scapegoat. They exploited the existence of the group as means to divert the public from the Agrava Report and from the growing dissatisfaction of Marcos dictatorship among the populace.


While some military units and Officers were indifferent with the organization, some were lenient and sympathetic while others were cruel actually violated the basic human rights of their very own soldiers and police. BY NOVEMBER OF 1983, then Lt. Gen. Fidel Ramos who was designated as acting Chief of Staff, AFP when Gen Ver was forcibly given leave after he was indicted in the Aquino - Galman murder case that the DIABLO SQUAD CRIME BUSTER WAS FORMALLY DISBANDED.


However before the year 1983 ended, the group resurfaced with a new name. Abraham listed five names for his final selection which were as follows: 1) DEFENDER. 2) PEACEMAKER, 3) PROTECTOR, 4) VANGUARD AND 5) GUARDIANS. FINALLY ABRAHAM SELECTED TO RENAME THE DEFUNCT DIABLO CRIME BUSTER INTO GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD INC (GBI) and appointed Efren "SFG NOGNOG" Arayata as National Supreme Commander and chosen the guiding principle of "SERVICE THROUGH STRONG BROTHERHOOD". HIS CHOICE OF THE NAME WAS CONSCIOUS, BUT THE IDEA BEHIND THE WORD guardians IS DELIBERATE.


Many adventurous young military officers sensing the potent force of the group tried to control and use it for their own ends. By the middle of 1985 a small group of GBI Mindanao Chapter formed the Guardians Center Foundation (GCFI) with Col Gregorio "Gringo " Honasan as National Chairman (unmarked). The GCFI was registered with the SEC sometimes in April 1986. It was the first splinter group of the brotherhood emerged absorbing some of the original members of the group.


At present various organize and registered branches evolve and maintaining structure and indoctrination of the Anitos, Diablo Squad (DS), and Diablo Squad Crime Buster (DSCB) that Abraham started.


In order to foster the spirit of brotherhood and promote a potent atmosphere of ones among various organized (nationally or locally) groups, it is imperative for an umbrella organization to be firmly incorporated in order to serve as a confederation of all various organized GUARDIANS BRANCHES. THIS IS NOW CALLED THE GUARDIANS INTERNATIONAL INC. (GII).




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7:37 AM on February 25, 2013 
GMF may katanongan lang ako kung ok lang po....
ako pala se jess ng GSSI member etenity chapter..

bkt ung supervisor ko ngayon ay ayaw sa guardians na employee nya...
9:48 PM on March 23, 2014 
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